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Monitoring Evaluation Learning System (MEL)

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Build Interactive Forms, Learning, Training and Capacity Building Programs, and Set Matrix of indicators in a few steps with our easy-to-use platform.


What is O-lab?

O-lab is a set of digital tools to be used by corporations and organizations worldwide to create, manage and measure social responsibility projects, in an easy, dynamic and fun way!


  1. A Measuring, Evaluation and Learning System (MEL) to set your social responsibility goals and indicators.
  2. A Learning Management System that can be used to create training programs for your team or beneficiaries.
  3. A web and mobile app that can be customizable to look like your own app! with on/offline tools to collect data, harvest and monitor outcomes and systematically learn from complex projects. 
  4. A dashboard to filter information and share and download reports.

All these tools are provided with any of the plans which you can choose depending on the size of your projects. Choose your plan here


O-lab is a system that allows you to: 

  1. Organize social projects, setting up goals and indicators.  
  2. Create interactive content and forms for training, applications process, and/or educational programs through our LMS.
  3. Use harvesting instruments that beneficiaries can interact with everywhere through our on/offline web and mobile app.
  4. Collect and Interact with the data automatically. 
  5. customize and download impact reports to showcase your impact. 

And all in one place!

Plus a community, training and additional services that you can access to assist your projects. 


Your team and/or the organizations/projects you sponsor can create training and learning programs for beneficiaries through O-lab LMS that are delivered through the O-lab app which works on and offline, in low cost devices and in any language, it can work in any corner of the world so you can even reach last-mile beneficiaries! O-lab is customizable so it looks like your own social project’s app, without the costs, time and maintenance of developing one from nothing. O-lab can be customized and ready to deliver and measure your projects in a few minutes!.


O-lab can be used by corporations and organizations to organize the impact of your social responsibility efforts, connecting directly with your target groups in an easier and more interactive way, reducing time of your team and logistics costs on data collection.


O-lab systems have been developed by a team of young innovators from Immigrants, Refugees, Indigenous and Afro Descendants leaders that founded Origin Learning Fund,  a Colombian/ USA based non-profit organization with a mission to provide access to digital education for all. Due to our global positive impact in 2021 we decided to share O-lab and its impact with the world so anyone, anywhere can maximize the impact of their own projects. By acquiring a license, you are also supporting vulnerable schools and communities who can now access digital education free of charge. To learn more about our mission visit

How do I contact the O-lab team?

We are always happy to connect with you and support you in your path to maximize impact. Contact us now!


    Yes! O-lab can be used for any kind of social projects and target groups so either if you are impacting children, youth, adults and elderly, O-lab is an easy to use platform and app that have been tested and is being used by any people from any ages, cultures, languages and parts of the world. O-lab is for everybody! It allows you to connect directly with your target audience in a safe and interactive way either if your projects are delivered in person or fully online.

    + 90% of jobs already have a digital component, while + 50% of women in developing countries remains offline.

    With each O-lab license sold, we provide access to digital education for low-income schools and underrepresented communities worldwide so at-risk youth can develop the digital & vocational skills required to thrive in this modern economy.