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O-Lab generates skill-based learning through gamification. We empower learners to develop academic and workforce skills.


O-lab for Companies

Empower your team, manage programs: onboarding, communications, training, upskilling, and more.


O-lab for Schools

Create engaging courses, test, and assignments, track progress, and enhance learning experiences.

Social Projects

O-lab for Social Projects

Manage projects, measure impact, generate reports, engance programs online and offline, breaking barriers.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

Access and manage corporate volunteering with O-Lab. Change lives and empower teams.

Share in Any Platform or Customize O-Lab as Your Own

Share your O-Lab interactive content on any platform you already use, or supercharge your training with our no-code customizable LXP, branded as your own, available on web and mobile.

Concerned about the effort required to develop your programs?

Don’t worry! We transform your ideas into high-impact training and communications programs that you can manage and measure easily, all in one place.

Focus on what matters most: your community.

Ready to break free from the monotony of traditional training?

Step into O-lab’s revolutionary learning journey!

All in one place.

Make a difference in your Organization and the World

Create Measurable Impact Across Your Organization and the Globe

Clients who purchase a license support global digital education for underrepresented youth, expanding access to education and job training opportunities for all.

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