Are your employees engaged in the workplace?

According to studies more than 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. This is a staggering number and it seems to be a result of lack of motivation, employees with no interaction in the workplace and may even result in no interest in advancing in the company. If this is your case how is it possible to change that?

O-lab is here to help!

O-lab is a complete platform created to empower employees for growth, training, improvement and advancement. It contains a built in LMS (Learning monitoring system) that you can modify and customize to your needs and brand it as if it is your company’s own. Add your logo and create modules for training and receive instant feedback through our MEL system which is also included. The monitoring evaluation system gives you visual feedback and helps you track each employee’s progress and the O-lab system contains a built in reward system to boost confidence with each module completed. 

So why wait? Book a free demo today at and experience the platform first hand!


O-lab: beyond digital education

O-lab: beyond digital education

By unrepresented young people for unrepresented young people. We believe that quality  and accessible digital education is crucial to empower new generation leaders from under-resourced communities worldwide.  Can you solve complex issues with simple...

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