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Our Origin

It all started in La Guajira, an indigenous region of Colombia, where our CEO Tania Rosas was born. Along with their Fundación El Origen (registered in the US as Origin Learning Fund) and a diverse team of young innovators, they dedicated themselves to providing access to digital education and job training opportunities in their communities. What started as a local solution quickly became a global platform, used by organizations and companies around the world to bring educational, training and development programs to everyone. O-lab continues to grow to provide an accessible platform that allows anyone to create interactive learning experiences and connect with communities around the world.

With our partners, we empower people from all walks of life to unlock their potential and achieve their learning goals in ways that are effective, fun, and accessible to all.

Bringing development opportunities to all, together

With every license we sell, we continue to bring access to digital education to vulnerable communities around the world, ensuring training and development opportunities for all. Follow our impact here.

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