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Are you aware of the impact you can have through O-lab in vulnerable communities?

Did you know that for every license you buy of our application and customizable platform O-lab we contribute together to a great social cause? Yes, because for us, at O-lab app this means scaling up our projects worldwide and making a bigger sustainable impact together. With our revenues we give to local actors, such as schools, local youth-led civil society organizations, or NGOs working in under-resourced communities, access to inclusive, quality digital education, technical equipment, and capacity building training. 

In this article, we tell you how we organize the end-of-projects educational fairs that we sustain thanks to your support. This episode is about the event we held in La Guajira, Colombia, exposing the results of beneficiaries and young students who use O-lab and create projects to solve social or economic problems in their communities. The fair brought together beneficiaries, sponsors, partners and trainers.

Final Education Fair

May 23 & 24, La Guajira, Colombia. 

Our ethno education and entrepreneurship center is set to host the final fair that will conclude one of our most important and significant projects that has involved around 2500 children and young students in our project over the past year and a half.  

The young beneficiaries of this project, mainly from local public schools, youth-led organizations or simply young people who did not have the resources to enroll in schools or vocational training, took part in our digital education inclusion project. All of the children come from difficult and under-resourced backgrounds from different areas of La Guajira, one of the most complex regions in Colombia, where less than 30% of children complete school due to a severe institutional absence and serious connectivity problems.

The project: barriers-free digital education with O-lab

During the project the children, aged approximately 5 to 15 years, had access to barriers-free digital courses in complementary education, STEAM, basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, and aimed at raising awareness on issues of gender inclusivity and descrimination. The courses were co-created with our local partners via our customisable app, O-lab. Although the application can also be accessed offline, thanks to your support, we distributed numerous tablets to our local partners in order to expand the penetration of digital education and ensure that the lessons were conducted properly. 

Our students were led through the learning process by virtual tutors, who mimic the physical and emotional traits of the young beneficiaries and transmit adapted course content to the native language, in this case Wayuu and Spanish. The young people learned through different interactive and dynamic formats: video, audio, illustrative images, interactive content, multiple-choice tests or open-ended questions, and gamified learning paths.

Exposing the lessons learned: a look into the future

The O-lab fair marks the conclusion of the project and serves as an auspicious occasion to spur our students to make concrete use of the skills and knowledge learnt with O-lab and attract new young people to take part in our workshops. 

During this event, the young boys and girls had the opportunity to showcase the digital, soft, educational and our-century skills they learnt during the courses created on our app, O-lab. In addition, the students had the opportunity to present the group projects they developed under the guidance of O-lab aimed at finding solutions for their communities and developing vocational skills to approach a professional future that more closely reflects their interests and needs. Among those present were our local partners, teachers, community leaders, project sponsors and the students’ families. Tania Rosas, CEO and cofounder of Origin Learning Fund, and Marcos Barros, community coordinator and field-base project manager, have used our application together with the beneficiaries and discussed with them how projects conducted through O-lab and made possible by collaborating with can benefit the community socially or economically.

During our final O-lab fairs we hand out certificates to our young people noting their learning in a specific field; we always strive to involve companies or organizations that carry out sustainable and social projects in the areas where we operate; and we always aim to offer a limited number of scholarships for students who have excelled with innovative projects for their communities led by O-lab. 

Thanks to your continued support of O-lab these events can take shape and be a fruitful meeting point between corporations, young people and local actors. 

Follow us to find out how our next O-lab fairs will unfold, the next episode will take place in Nigeria!

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According to studies more than 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. This is a staggering number and it seems to be a result of lack of motivation, employees with no interaction in the workplace and may even result in no interest in advancing in the company. If this is your case how is it possible to change that?

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O-lab: beyond digital education

By unrepresented young people for unrepresented young people. We believe that quality  and accessible digital education is crucial to empower new generation leaders from under-resourced communities worldwide

Can you solve complex issues with simple solutions? Origin Learning fund believes so. We thrive to achieve this objective with our interactive application created by our team of young innovators: O-lab. O-lab is an easy-to-use, inclusive, and no-code customizable application which makes tailored educational programs, surveys, interactive forms, capacity-building and vocational courses through our Learning Management System (LMS) for young people between the ages of 5 and 20, at-risk of being excluded from higher education and labor opportunities. 


It takes very little to brand O-lab as your own. Since the end of 2020, we have had the chance to build partnerships with local schools, corporations, educational and research institutes, and international organizations which easily devised and managed tailored education, training and corporate responsible social programs. The creation process involves students and teachers to better address the needs of the community, making them feel like the heart of change. 


The application is compatible with low-cost devices and works both online and offline. O-lab analytics uses a Monitor, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) System to analyze data, visualize dashboards, interact with statistics, and download impact reports according to students/apprentices’ pedagogical and behavioral assessments. 


O-lab offers a unique pedagogical approach because it was created with the mind of an indigenous child, with a clear understanding of the needs, problems, and aspirations of a particular community. It is the desire to find an answer and a solution to a lack of quality educational and technological offerings that has been experienced at the very skin of those who founded Origin Learning Fund. 

Not by chance, O-lab includes a virtual tutor which is adapted to each cultural context, guiding children in their native language, including indigenous tongues, in the learning process and making interaction more familiar and dynamic. The accessible and intuitive interface is tested on children who have never used this kind of technology. Students and trainees across the world can also benefit from a dedicated Blog section to exchange advice, knowledge and best practices on educational courses or training. 

Our Roots 

Our project and founder were born in La Guajira, the indigenous capital of Colombia, in 2015. Only 29% of the community has the possibility to finish high school and the mere 5% hold the resources to enroll in higher education. Indigenous students are more likely to drop out of school due to language barriers and lack of technical and human support. 70% of those affected are women.

“I was born in La Guajira, in the northernmost point of South America bordering Venezuela, home to one of the largest refugee and afro communities. Doing my thesis, I found out that poverty persists because young people, especially young women, can’t develop the 21st-century skills required to thrive in this modern economy, thus rendering a vast majority of youths jobless and unmotivated” –Tania Rosas, Founder and CEO. 

Going WorldWide

We soon realized that this problem was not only common to the most remote regions in Colombia but extended to many indigenous groups and under-resourced communities in the world, given that 63% of students worldwide in rural areas do not have access to the Internet. Furthermore, 1.3 billion students aged 3 to 17 years old do not have access to digital learning. 3.5 million school-age refugees are currently not enrolled in school, and only 3% of them have access to higher education. The pandemic has further widened the gap. It is estimated more than 11 million girls worldwide could not continue their studies due to a lack of connectivity and inclusive learning. 

Our commitment to the cause and the not negligible figures involved in this global problem have prompted us to expand. Since early 2021, we have successfully increased our collaboration and exported O-lab to Pakistan, Philippines, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, and Mexico. 

It might seem far-fetched to suggest technology-based solutions to education in communities where many struggle to earn enough to feed themselves. But to build sustainable communities, we need to provide local youth, the workforce of the future, with the skills they need to thrive and create solutions by themselves. In other words, empowering at-risk students to become their communities’ new young leaders.

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