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O-lab is a platform with digital tools that allow our users to open up an universe of possibilities to communicate, train and connect with team members and other stakeholders while monitoring their development and collecting key data that guide them to achieve their objectives.


How it all started…

O-lab’s journey started in our CEO’s Tania Rosas place of birth, La Guajira, the Indigenous region of Colombia while working with her foundation Origin Learning Fund and big corporations to promote quality digital education and new opportunities for the communities using O-lab, an inclusive system of EdTech solutions to serve trainers and users.

O-lab was developed initially for this matter but it went beyond what was expected! it rapidly increased the performance and engagement of users as well as allowed the organization and partners to connect with them and monitor the programs more cost-effectively. By 2022 the diverse team of young innovators behind O-lab decided to launch it worldwide, so anyone, even if they have no design or tech background, could create interactive content, and connect and report experiences with their groups of interest using O-lab.

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