Organize, execute, monitor

and evaluate

Engage with teams and employees in a very interactive and meaningful way with O-lab, the  customizable All-In-On platform for training, projects and community management.

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O-Lab is a comprehensive

platform, ideal for:

Your Process, all in

one suite.

From the first moment you will have access to all the features and functionalities that O-Lab offers to manage teams and engage collaborators with interactive content.



Create surveys, forms and questionnaires easily so your collaborators enhance learning. A fun way to learn!



Do you want to create a culture of feedback with your collaborators?

Use modules that encourage people to meet and comment on topics that interest them, as well as receive opinions and participation.



Interactive dashboard to visualize and analyze data, interact with statistics and download reports super easy and stress-free.



All the information of your organization (documents, internal policies, instructions, etc.) available to your collaborators, easily consumable and highly interactive.


Intuitive and customize to the needs of your organization.

Inclusive thanks to its Online/Offline mode, which allows learning without internet.

Mobile, tablet and computer version.

Virtual guides and support to improve the performance of your content


In our Learning Laboratory you will find interactive, practical and quick guides. Get skills in just 10 minutes and for free!

O-Lab for HR leaders

and teams

Did you know that 85% of employees are not committed to their work? Learn how to get the most out of all of O-lab’s interactive tools.

Impact your company

and the whole world!

At O-Lab we are committed to reducing the gaps in access to education. That’s why, for every license we sell, young people from vulnerable communities receive digital education, electronic devices and support. Watch your company’s impact in real time!

Your commitment is our power!

O-lab is used

currently across the world in the following countries: Colombia, Mexico, USA, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

More than 10,000

 beneficiaries in underrepresented communities

Companies that have been impacted with O-Lab

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