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We have been able to transform the lives of +10,000 young people around the world with educational projects and entrepreneurship, employability and technology programs. Do you want to know how?

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Manage any educational program, communications or activities, forms and more for your stakeholders in a simple and more interactive way from anywhere in the world.

No language barriers

Learning new skills is challenging enough without adding the difficulty of a language barrier. O-lab can adapt to any type of language so you can offer training that your users can really connect with.

Ideal for all your projects

Develop, measure and maximize the impact of your social projects and at the same time connect with your community, reducing time and logistical costs.

We design it for you!

We bring your ideas to life!

We have a team of designers ready to listen to you and give shape to your ideas..

Multiply your social impact!

Join Origin Learning Fund, the foundation of O-lab app, in breaking down barriers to learning and training! For each O-lab license you buy, we provide access to free quality education, tailored mentoring, devices and community spaces for underrepresented youth and rural schools in the Global South.

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Take your programs, courses, forms and more to anywhere in the world, online or offline


Analyze data and download automated and customized reports with our MEAL system

Share content

Share news, press releases and events making sure that everyone sees it!

Social impact

For every license you purchase, you sponsor schools around the world and receive reports.

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