What is O-lab?

O-lab is a digital tool used by companies, organizations, and schools around the world to create, manage and measure all kinds of projects easily and interactively.

How does the O-lab system work?

Our software allows you to

  • Organize projects by establishing goals and indicators.
  • Create content and interactive assessments to improve your communication and training programs, application processes, or educational programs through our LMS.
  • Connect and interact with users. Our system helps you to communicate with everyone from anywhere.
  • Collect and interact with the data that you automatically generate.
  • Customize and download quality reports to show the impact of the content you share with your users. All in one place!
How does the O-lab app work?

Your users will be able to download O-lab in the App Store or Play Store from their cell phones or tablets to have access to the content and updates that you make from our platform in any language or from any place in the world.

Who can use O-lab?

Companies, Organizations, and Schools that want to create projects and content to share with their target audience, and interact with them from the same place, reducing time and logistical costs in data collection.

What do I need to start using O-lab?

It is very simple, you just have to be clear about the following:

  • The number of users: How many users do you want to manage from O-lab? How many people will be monitoring users?
  • Content: Do you have the content or do you want us to create it for you? Do you have the content? Do you want us to design it for you?
  • Be ready to try a platform on another level!
How can I contact the O-lab team?

We are always happy to connect with you and support you in your experience with us. You can contact us by clicking on the button below this list of questions

Do I need to know about editing, design, or code?

With O-lab you do NOT need to be an expert in these areas to get the best out of it. Due to its customizable nature, you can create unique designs that could represent your brand or interests

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