Educational & Social Projects

Change the way education and social projects work! Create modules that are simple, fun and engaging! Create a bigger impact in the classroom by interacting with students through the interactive modules all of this while improving performance and receiving detailed reports instantly. 

Training and Onboarding

O-lab reimagines training and onboarding so that each module engages with employees so you know that they are interacting with your message!

Add videos, animations, surveys, tests, forms, documents, and create visual interactions.
For any type of training, forms & projects. Make onboarding a simple and easy process making it streamline and allows applicants to upload information needed easily.

Surveys and Forms:

Create questionnaires, forms and surveys in a heartbeat! Easily and effectively so you can retrieve information needed. These tools can be used by anyone interested in receiving information on a certain topic or subject as well as providing an easy user experience while doing so. 

Community and audience engagement

Create modules that entice people to come together and comment on topics that interest them as well as receiving opinions and engagement. Want your audience to notify on how they are feeling? Or how improvements can be made as well as how they are doing? All this and more on any subject through O-lab!

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