Use Cases

O-lab ha empoderado a instituciones, organizaciones y empresas de todos los orígenes para organizar, ejecutar, monitorear, evaluar y maximizar el impacto de cualquier tipo de proyecto, así también para utilizar la plataforma para capacitación, educación, encuestas y mucho más.

Conozca cómo utilizan O-lab en todo el mundo


DHL is using O-lab to monitor their Corporate Social Responsibility projects and execute capacity-building programs for their team and communities they are impacting. DHL also provided O-lab licenses to the organizations they’ve sponsored so they can evaluate the impact of their investments and interventions across the region and deliver automated sustainability reports from O-lab.

Medium-sized and small Enterprises

The construction company Don Alfonso Gutiérrez de Velazco in Mexico is using O-lab to engage their team members in corporate volunteering initiatives. O-lab also helps them to make it possible to deliver CSR efforts by reducing time and logistics costs to increase the impact in their local communities.

Banks and Financial Institutions

The W bank in Colombia is using O-lab to deliver their financial education trainings to communities where they used to have language and connectivity barriers. By using its language customization and offline functionality O-lab is connecting the bank branches with hard to reach communities directly.

Charities and Grants Makers

As a US-based intermediary venture philanthropy fund, Rockflower Partners Inc, is using O-lab to connect and monitor global philanthropic capital that is invested in  local initiatives in emerging economies seeking to improve and elevate the lives of women and girls.

International Organizations and Foundations

World Vision Colombia and the global fund ECW have launched a program using O-lab to give access to education for refugee students who due to this predicament, in addition to the unexpected COVID-19 effects were not able to engage with or access schools.

Educational Institutions and Training Projects

AHA! Learning Center is using O-lab to help students across the Philippines further their education from classrooms and home by doing offline/online interactive activities without barriers while developing digital skills required to thrive in this modern world.

National and Local Organizations

Enseña por Paraguay launched the project “Digital Bridges” through O-lab so students could take digital courses without being connected to the internet. Solving their problems, both for loading the content, and for monitoring the learning of students, speeding up the processes.

Research programs

The National Democratic Institute uses O-lab to deliver surveys about the Socio-economic situation of  people in territories for research and policy making purposes. O-lab has helped them reduce times and costs on collecting and processing data as it is all automated through O-lab’ analytics dashboards.

Customer Testimonials

O-lab’ tools help corporations and organizations worldwide to create, manage and evaluate educational projects and Corporate Social Responsibility programs, in an easy, dynamic and fun way!

María Fernanda Escobar
Marketing Manager Banco W

“With O-lab we were able to bring financial education and technology to young people in remote communities in an effective and agile way.”

Raphael Orrego

“For us it has been really easy to use O-lab; its learning platform and Reports are very interesting for DHL’ CSR efforts and we have also provide licenses for the organizations that we sponsor such as Teach for all and Children’s Village SOS to manage their social impact.”

Ruth Ann Quema (Education Officer) Aha! Learning Center Philippines

“O-lab help us with the App-based platform of Aha to ensure that the lessons are delivered to the students and trainers without consuming too much data and resources from them. In addition to that, O-lab help us ensuring that the students and collaborators are trained and can get access easily to the lesson resources whereever they are in the Philippines.”

Training Director of
Teach for Paraguay

“O-lab solves our problem, both for loading the
content, and for monitoring the learning of students,
speeding up the processes”

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